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Helping our partners leverage AI to make the greatest impact on their businesses.




OCF Group is the realization of the vision of a multidisciplinary team of motivated mathematicians, computer scientists and entrepreneurs striving for innovation through artificial intelligence technologies.

Together, we have built solutions taking roots

in computer vision, natural language understanding, pattern recognition and optimization, utilizing the latest progress made in fundamental machine learning research. We also help businesses leverage the Montreal ecosystem so that they can better integrate and generate the most value for their company.




OCF Group is a venture builder and technology transfer firm devoted to helping companies grow and improve their businesses through Artificial Intelligence.

Because we believe that true success and sustainable growth can only be achieved through a combination of both teamwork and innovation, we are a team with strong ties to the talented academic community of Montreal and with trusted partnerships in the North American startup ecosystem. We offer a smooth and efficient client journey and delivery of projects in a wide range of industries and for companies of all sizes. We believe AI technology should be available to all and used to make the greatest impact on the world they touch.

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